The Secret Weapon of Business Owners to Increase Revenue is the Newsletter…. but ONLY When You Do It Correctly.

Regular, consistent communication with your past customers who already love you is critical to increasing your sales. Sales don’t just come from them coming back to your store, they come from their friends too. To be effective, a newsletter has to have several components in place. Let’s look at two of the most effective components that are missed by 97% of business owners who put out newsletters.

  • A newsletter must go out consistently in the physical mail on a monthly basis. Once a consumer is trained to expect your newsletter they will wait in anticipation and with baited breath for it to arrive in their mailbox monthly.
  • The newsletter should have information that they want and need to read. The information should not just be about your business and promoting yourself. It should contain information that they need in order to have a better quality of life.

Printed, mailed newsletters may seem like a thing of the past. Yet, when done correctly can be a powerful to build brand trust, share knowledge to improve the buyer’s experience and generate more business.